Argali Custom Apparel was initially inspired by a market need for headwear that was specifically made for outdoor enthusiasts. Practical uses like a place to put a tarpon fly on a hat in a major tournament or a place to put a diaphragm hunting call in the middle of an elk hunt fed our excitement as we built our hats' features and materials.

As our customers' belief has built our brand we have realized a new market need: fully customized headwear (personalizing every inch of your hats) using the quality of the biggest apparel manufacturers in the world, who order styles by the tens of thousands, being made available for every business using a minimum order quantity in the single digits.

While this accomplishment is significant for our clients genuine, commitment-based service still ranks number one on their list of priorities, which is why we implemented the first proactive, online messaging system in the headwear industry, we call the Caddy Tracker (C), that gives you the ability to understand the status of your order through pictures and notes while also giving you the ability to tweak your headwear ensuring that you get exactly what you ordered.

Our customers' interests and insightful comments have continued to inspire us as these tools have been utilized, and as we continue to focus on innovation we will never forget who gave us the opportunity to enhance this industry: our believers, who never settle for anything but the best.



Pursuing the highest accomplishment in every aspect of your life encapsulates the life of our customers.

The highest peak in big game hunting is sheep in numerous respects, however Argali, specifically the Marco Polo Ram, is the pinnacle of achievement. Sheep live on the highest mountain tops, and not only are these rams on peaks, but they are atop the highest, most challenging peaks to access in the world. Hunters have been known to spend more money on pursuing these massive, majestic creatures than what they spent on their education, which combined with the beautiful, Himalayan range where they reside creates an allure that is unique only to the best outdoor enthusiasts in the world.

The most challenging fish to convince to eat with a fly, arguably the most difficult tool used to catch fish, is a permit. There are fascinating, powerful fish like tarpon, marlin, and others, however the permit is the fish that brings more anglers to their knees than any other. No story of pursuing permit ends without an explanation of how many erroneous attempts they had to persevere through to experience that incredible accomplishment.

The signature curl of an argali ram and the tail of a permit are the symbol that defines the pursuit of someone that settles for nothing but the best.

What defines who you are is the threshold of pain you are willing to endure to accomplish your goals. Our story is best told through the lens of all those passionate leaders who never settled in any category of their life.


Argali Custom Apparel is proud to deliver to our clients:

1. The best quality headwear products

2. Proper expectation setting and proactive order tracking using our Caddy Tracker (C)

3. Practical features for your outdoor pursuits

4. Low quantity minimums &

5. Pricing flexibility

to ensure that your customers think of your brand every time they reach for a hat on their next excursion.

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