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Argali Custom Apparel, LLC


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ARGALI CUSTOM APPAREL is driven to ensure every inch of your customized headwear is fit to your preferences to ensure you love the fabric, shape, style and that your brand is promoted in a unique and personal way. We have developed the CADDY TRACKER©, a customized order tracking system, to ensure you know where your order is on its path to completion, and you have the ability to make adjustments to ensure it is exactly what you ordered. We are a service business first, and we want to make sure your process of building custom hats for your brand is anxiety free. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions as we want to ensure your process of ordering and developing new headwear is second to none.

PLEASE BEGIN BY CREATING A PROFILE AND ENTERING YOUR DEALER INFORMATION. SECOND, USE THE ORDERING SYSTEM BELOW: WE WILL WALK YOU THROUGH EVERY INCH A HAT, AND YOU WILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE THE STYLE OF YOUR HEADWEAR IN EVERY WAY. When certain options are chosen others will be eliminated to ensure you have a congruent final product (please only select options that are consistent with your selections).

Once you have submitted your order we will contact you directly as your order progresses toward completion and as we get pictures from our factory for your order we will share them with you using your profile giving you the ability to confirm their design or request changes (as well as sharing the same information on your profile on SHOPARGALI.COM). Also, once your order is complete we will air freight the hats from Asia to our headquarters in Dallas, Texas for our accuracy inspection, and finally we will ship your order directly to you (we will utilize FedEx's fulfillment services throughout the process including signature requirement and shipment insurance for safety).

The timing of the process is dependent on the time of the year and market conditions. We will give you updates as we have them, and if you have any specific questions please email us directly at INFO@SHOPARGALI.COM and include your order number in the request. Please note that with COVID supply chain issues have extended supply chain fulfillment times by nearly three times traditional fulfillment times. If your order is not on time feel free to contact us, however have faith that we are advocating for you numerous time every week to make sure your order, is accurate, fitting your preferences, and gets to you as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience as we advocate for you!

Thank you so much for your business! We are proud to be developing unique products for your business!

Also, DO NOT FORGET to answer the DEALER INFORMATION on your PROFILE PAGE as well as including your CURRENT YEAR SALES TAX CERTIFICATE to ensure we have loaded as an official dealer (required to order with Argali Custom Apparel) and we do not have to charge you sales tax. If you do not include the current year's Sales Tax Certificate we will be forced to charge you sales tax.

Also, IF YOU ARE NOT A DEALER, and would like to be matched with one please contact us at INFO@SHOPARGALI.COM and we will be happy to connect you with one that meets your needs.